How can i get Ethereum movie Venture Tokens?

you need

1) an Ethereum Wallet
2) some Ether (ETH)

then you can buy Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens with Ether from your wallet.

If you want to buy only a few Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens you can do that with PayPal. If you buy a early bird ticket for the movie  you get 5 Ethereum Movie Veture Tokens for free.

how can i create a Ethereum wallet?

we recommend either or the Metamask-Plugin for Chrome

Tutorials for either the one we wrote or a tutorial by cryptocompare (part 1)

Tutorial Metamask

MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP THE PRIVATE KEY AND/OR PASSWORD. There is no way whatsoever private keys or passwords can be restored. Blockchains are not a company with a helpline. There IS NO WAY that a password or private key can be restored if you loose it.

how can I buy Ethereum Movie Venture-TOkens?

If you want to invest in the movie or trade the tokens, it is easiest to buy your Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens at one of the three exchanges

if you want to buy very little Ethereum Movie Venture Tockens online you can register at , there you can buy a ticket for the worlds first Ethereum funded movie and with every ticket you recieve 5 Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens plus 0.001 ETH for the price of 5$.

How can i see my Ethereum movie Venture – tokens?

If you have the tokens on they should be listed automatically, it that does not work try this Tutorial: how can i see my Ethereum Movie Venture – Tokens?

If you use Metamask use your Chrome-Browser and go to

You should see the Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens under contracts. If they do not show up go to contracts -> observe contract -> and copy paste this 0xb802b24e0637c2b87d2e8b7784c055bbe921011a  in the contract address.