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Blockchain Token
The Ethereum Movie Venture Token is a Ethereum based ERC-20 standardized Token listed here

or here


How do i get tokens?

Tickets from phase 1 & 2 are SOLD OUT!

you can buy a movie – ticket and get 5Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens at tickets4u.io or here idex.market and EtherDelta

Stage of project?


Legal Details

  • The Ethereum Movie Venture is a project of Kulturverein aKenEvilThing, which is registered in Switzerland.
  • Detailed Terms and Conditions available

We communicate progresses and details on:

Market Potential

  • with this project we communicate the potential of Ethereum to the movie – related world
  • Partners: The list of partners is updated regularly on the-pitts-circus.com 

Available Tokens:

There are  6’666’666 Ethereum Movie Venture Token in total

Total shares units Tokens per unit  available Tokens % of tokens
pre-sale tge phase 1 666 7000 4662000 70
crew & cast 238000 3
ticket sale 10’000 5 500000 7
tge sale phase 2 1000000 15
partners 66666 <1
consulting and auditing 50000 <1
TGE-Bounties 50000 <1
Development Team 50000 <1
Marketing 50000  <1
Total Tokens 6666666  100

* 666 shares each of which receives 7000 Tokens

Funding Structure

there are three funding phases:

  • Phase 1 The HYBRID CONTRACT ends march 20th 12am CET

maximal available Tokens 4’664’000
price: 0.0014285 ETH/Tokens
particularity: this phase replaces the hybrid contract with 7000 Tokens per ETH
All the Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens that are not sold in phase 1 are pooled to phase 2

There were 877’397.46 Ethereum Movie Venture Token sold in phase 1 -> 3’784’602.54 Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens are pooled into phase 2

  • Phase 2 CLASSIC TGE ends may 15th 2017

maximal available Ethereum Movie Venture 1’000’000 plus remaining Ethereum Movie Venture of phase 1 that totals to 4’784’602.54 Ethereum Movie Venture.
price increases every week:

0.0015 ETH per Token week 1
0.002 ETH per Token week 2
0.005 ETH per Token week 3
0.01 ETH per Token week 4
0.02 ETH per Token week 5
0.03 ETH per week 6
0.04 ETH per Token week 7
0.05 ETH per Token week 8
0.1 ETH per Token after week 8

if there are still Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens left after week 8 they are pooled into phase 3

  • Phase 3 Ticketing ends dec 31st 2017

available at tickets4u.io


Blockchain technology allows an innovative and new way to interact. By bringing the technology to the movie entertainment business we want:

  • create more attention for Ethereum and the possibilities it offers
  • create new possibilities for supporters to reach big leverage projects – independent films are a risk but since production costs are really low the potential for a big financial success is much higher than in almost any other industry.
  • provide a trading opportunity for the independent movie scene
  • create new funding opportunity for independent movie producers
  • create a platform where supporters can contribute, suggest and vote on decisions that the Ethereum Movie Venture should take