swiss law applies

Blockchain Token
The Ethereum Movie Venture Token is a Ethereum based ERC-20 standardized Token listed here

or here


How do i get tokens?

ICO/ITO phase 1 & 2 are SOLD OUT!

you can buy a movie – ticket and get 5Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens or buy a large amount of Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens at the exchanges idex.market and EtherDelta

Purpose of the token?

  • The token is a representation of the crowdunding created by Ethereum Movie Venture that owns the first ethereum funded movie the-pitts-circus.com
  • The Ethereum Movie Venture will invest in movie-related projects that are proposed by tokenholders
  • Tokenholders can vote on future projects
  • The first Ethereum Movie Venture project is the first Ethereum-funded Movie the-pitts-circus.com
  • The token is used to pay out 75% of the net profit of this movie until 2036
  • The token will be used to track and remunerate token-holders
  • The token can be used for trading on crypto-currency trading platforms
  • An important goal of this venture is to show the power of innovation that the Ethereum blockchain will bring to the globally active non-crypto independent movie community

Stage of project?

Security & Auditing

  • The Code is ERC-20 standardized
  • Ico-Sale is blockchain transparent (bitcoin and ethereum wallets with public addresses and hybrid smart contract)

Legal Details

  • The Ethereum Movie Venture is a project of Kulturverein aKenEvilThing, which is registered in Switzerland.
  • the ico is conducted by swisscoast.com commissioned by aKenEvilThing. Swisscoast is registered in Switzerland
  • Swiss law applies
  • Detailed Terms and Conditions available

Founders & Team

  • Toni Caradonna, CH, Physicist, Master of Physics, University of Bern, owner scenic swisscoast GmbH
  • Ken Fanning, IRL, Artist, Director and Author or 2 full feature films and four Festival-Filmseries
  • Christian Dressler, AT, Marketing Expert University of applied science Oberösterreich, Austria

We communicate progresses and details on:

Market Potential

  • with this project we communicate the potential of Ethereum to the movie – related world
  • Partners: The list of partners is updated regularly on the-pitts-circus.com 

Available Tokens:

There are  6’666’666 Ethereum Movie Venture Token in total

Total shares units Tokens per unit  available Tokens % of tokens
pre-sale ico phase 1 666 7000 4662000 70
crew & cast 238000 3
ticket sale 100’0000 5 500000 7
ico sale phase 2 1000000 15
partners 66666 <1
consulting and auditing 50000 <1
ICO-Bounties 50000 <1
Development Team 50000 <1
Marketing 50000  <1
Total Tokens 6666666  100

* 666 shares each of which receives 7000 Tokens

Funding Structure

there are three funding phases:

  • Phase 1 The HYBRID CONTRACT ends march 20th 12am CET

maximal available Tokens 4’664’000
price: 0.0014285 ETH/Tokens
particularity: this phase replaces the hybrid contract with 7000 Tokens per share
All the Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens that are not sold in phase 1 are pooled to phase 2

There were 877’397.46 Ethereum Movie Venture Token sold in phase 1 -> 3’784’602.54 Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens are pooled into phase 2

  • Phase 2 CLASSIC ICO ends may 15th 2017

maximal available Ethereum Movie Venture 1’000’000 plus remaining Ethereum Movie Venture of phase 1 that totals to 4’784’602.54 Ethereum Movie Venture.
price increases every week:

0.0015 ETH per Token week 1
0.002 ETH per Token week 2
0.005 ETH per Token week 3
0.01 ETH per Token week 4
0.02 ETH per Token week 5
0.03 ETH per week 6
0.04 ETH per Token week 7
0.05 ETH per Token week 8
0.1 ETH per Token after week 8

if there are still Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens left after week 8 they are pooled into phase 3

  • Phase 3 Ticketing ends dec 31st 2017

maximal available Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens: 500’000 plus remaining Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens of phase 2
the first 100’000 online tickets receive 5 Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens each

on December 31st 2017 12am CET all the remaining Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens from phase 2 will be evenly distributed among all those who bought an early-bird online movie ticket at tickets4u.io

Example: if there are still 2’000’000 Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens left after phase 2, and 20’000 early bird – tickets are sold online, every ticket includes a wallet of 5 Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens that came with the purchase of the ticket and receives an additional 100 Ethereum Movie Venture Tokens that is distributed among the buyers of the ticket.


Blockchain technology allows an innovative and new way to interact. By bringing the technology to the movie entertainment business we want:

  • create more attention for Ethereum and the possibilities it offers
  • create new possibilities for supporters to reach big leverage projects – independent films are a risk but since production costs are really low the potential for a big financial success is much higher than in almost any other industry.
  • provide a trading opportunity for the independent movie scene
  • create new funding opportunity for independent movie producers
  • create a platform where supporters can contribute, suggest and vote on decisions that the Ethereum Movie Venture should take